America On The Road To Ruin! Long Term Economic Collapse, Worse Than The Great Depression !!

Examining the economy through what’s going on with the so-called regular American’s life, we’re still going downhill. However, you wouldn’t be able to tell that by only looking at the stocks. Of course not, they wouldn’t tell us the truth, since lying about the economy is what guarantees their means to continue thriving while Main Street – the real economy – is crumbling down.
All sorts of false narratives are being fed to spook away any suspicion that these exuberant numbers are just posing as a facade and will not hold up long-term. In this channel, we have heavily discussed in previous videos how a V-shape economic recovery actually means… no recovery at all. It marks the immediate stage after a big crash, namely, the reaction to the health crisis’ consequences, which is still unfolding and it does not seem to be leaving us as soon as we thought. Therefore, there are many other stages to follow, and this alleged economic “recuperation” was not magic or result of a colossal amount of effort, as CEOs and investors are trying to imply so that they look like they are helping to boost this “miraculous” upturn. In fact, it was expected. We have announced that this was exactly what it was going to happen, you can check our previous videos and you’ll find it. Many economic experts had alerted this response would be coming, and it wouldn’t necessarily mean that anything would be coming back to normal. At this point, there is no normal anymore.
To give you further proof, we’re going to start by analyzing the ambiguities on the statement of a renowned stock advisor in an attempt to discredit the IHS Markit survey, in which it has been disclosed that the services sector of the economy is not improving but has merely leveled out. That is to say, the survey shows that the business economy is neither falling any further nor is it recovering.

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The Collapse Of America: Some Parts Of The U.S. Are Feeling Societal Collapse Far More Than Others

This year has shown just how unprepared the world was for a large scale disaster, and the United States is no exception. In fact, while countries across Europe begin to reopen, even allowing travel within some zones, the US is battling a severe second wave of the pandemic as it continues to cause an economic collapse.

However, the health crisis has not affected all parts of the country equally, and some have been feeling the strain of the times much more than others. For rural zones, civil unrest is seen only on TV screens, and the images of overflowing hospitals and rising case count reports seem far away. In fact, life may not feel much different than the same time last year.

But in urban areas, the protests seem virtually endless, and streets that once held countless commuter cars are now packed with angry mobs. Meanwhile, the case counts in these tightly packed areas are surging, and the few glimpses of normalcy that locals caught in June have quickly disappeared under rolled back reopening plans. For city dwellers, life today looks nothing like it did in 2019. And, unfortunately, these conditions will likely only continue to get worse.

In this video, we’re going to discuss how the health crisis has taken a disproportionate toll across the United States, hitting urban centers much harder than rural areas. We’ll tell you what that means for many of our major cities, and how some may never fully recover. We are also going to give you the larger picture of where the country is heading.


In this video we will show you the 10 most important thing you should do if you lost your job during this economic crisis:

America is on the verge of an unprecedented economic collapse and that is no news. With over 40 million Americans filing for unemployment up until now, while many businesses are still filing for bankruptcy, the ones that are still standing are trying to delay what it seems to be their inevitable fate by downsizing some sectors of their companies and temporary laying off their staff, however, some insightful experts have been warning that an alarming number of these workers may not come back to their job posts ever again.

According to a survey done by the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics, approximately 42 percent of recent layoffs will result in permanent job loss. That is to say, in actual figures, 13 million workers that were temporarily discharged probably won’t make it back to the job market as soon as they predicted. In addition, the study shows that for every 10 jobs lost in consequence of the sanitary crisis, only three new ones are being created during this “reallocation shock.”
While the market tries to adjust to the new normal, the public is still suffering from the effects of supply chain disruptions and the frightening uncertainty of the future. On the other hand, most preppers managed their way out of the troubles caused by the recent shortages of cleaning products, meats and produce. By creating an efficient stockpile and articulating a well-based mindset, many preppers were able to find some structure during this economic collapse.
By contrast, not every one of them had the opportunity to prepare for the disaster as unsettling as the one we’re in with years in advance, especially the new preppers and the ones that couldn’t imagine they would lose their main source of income so abruptly.

With that in mind, we gathered 10 positive, easy, and of course, low-cost steps to assist you to get back on your feet and get adapted to this new reality.

Why Every American Should Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2020 Stock Market CRASH !!

In this video we will discuss why everyone in America should be prepared for the coming economic collapse:

It is very clear that a lot is happening in the world today. It seems that every single day the economic situation in America is getting from bad to worse; the outbreak is yet to be contained, millions of people have lost their jobs and civil unrest is becoming the new normal in the society.
The future does not look good and everyone in America should gear up and prepare for a terrible economic collapse.

When we look at history, before the First World War, the US dollar was fully supported by the gold standard and that meant that every one dollar note had an equivalent amount of gold. Because of this, one could go in the bank and exchange dollars for an equivalent amount of gold. A few year late the dollar was debased from the gold standard and this lead to the creation of the Bretton wood system that enabled most of the currencies to be pegged against the dollar and the dollar itself would be pegged against the gold. The exchange rates were fixed and this resulted to a lot of economic progress in the US. This system later collapsed a few years later when the US government begun printing excessive amounts of dollars to fund the Vietnam War. This lead to the collapse of the unsustainable Bretton Wood system and this is what gave birth to the current monetary system.
At the moment the economic system that we have is very unsustainable; it depends on debt and unlimited printing of money by the Federal Reserve and as a result, at one point everything will just have to fall into an abyss of economic disaster. We are at tipping point and there is not turn around. A reset of the current economic system will have to happen. The biggest losers will be the average middle class that is made up of working Americans and this is the reason why you should prepare yourself.
Each time there is a market crash, the Federal Reserve is always forced step in by pumping more money into the economy. For example during the 2008 stock market crash, it took 400 percent increase in the base currency to bring things back to normal. Each time this is done, the power of the money that was injected into the economy is always diminished and this means whenever the next market crash will come, more cash will have to be pumped into the system to bring another economic pop. During the 2008 financial crisis, it took a 400 percent increase in the money that was injected into the system. This is the exact thing that is repeating itself at the moment and the grave danger of this is that more cash will have to be injected for any subsequent economic downturns.

If the next stock market crash comes, it will be horrific because the FED will have to avert it by printing more money. However, there is a very big downside to this because it will create a hyperinflation and this will have a permanent impact to our economy. This is nothing other than legalized theft because the government, the banks and the few powerful people at the top will use this as a means of wealth transfer. They will take away from the pockets of average people and at the end of the day, the elites will win while everyone else loses.
As usual, history is the best teacher and what we can learnt is that the trajectory that the current system has taken will end up in a bad way. It cannot be sustained in the long run and at one point this bubble will have to burst. There has been zero success in doing this because fiat currencies cannot sustain this; the ancient kingdoms of Rome, Chinese and Indians have proved that that doesn’t work. Even at the moment, most of the western currencies like the dollar, Euro and the British Pound have been continuously losing their value.
We are at a point where the global monetary system is at the verge of a collapse especially because of the economic impact of the current outbreak and this means that very soon we might see a very big shift of the system. We have to be prepared for big changes that will be coming our way. For many year the middle class are always the biggest losers whenever there is an economic crisis or a system reset and even this time, many will lose and this is why you should be prepared in case the worse happens.

The Top 15 Dog Breeds For Preppers

They say dogs are man’s best friends, and that is true for many reasons other than their loyal companionship and warming affection. In fact, in extreme situations, dogs can be very helpful if trained accordingly to their own instincts, improving their natural capacity in specific areas. In this video, we selected 15 different dog breeds that can be trained for multiple purposes, so you can take into consideration your personal preferences, your location’s needs, and, of course, the great qualities that make them such reliable companions.

There are thousands of dog breeds you can choose from, it all comes down for the scenarios you’re prepping for. Some of them can be great at detecting predators or human threats from miles away, others can be trustable shepherds for your livestock and also sharp trackers for kids, due to their perceptive traits and protective bonds.
As preppers are astute planners, it is also important to plan which activities you would like your dog to accomplish, considering their strengths and their limitations. Additionally, what types of animal creation you would like to have – or already do have – and how your dog has to be trained to interact with them in a safeguarding manner, to make sure they will live in harmony.
It is almost impossible to completely eliminate threats because, even though you harden your barnyard stalls, pens, coops, and hutches against homestead predators, they will still manage to find a way to get inside your property. But comparing to other dogs, guardian dogs can go a step beyond when it comes to the protection of the animals they grow up with or live with, running fiercely to chase, capture and even exterminate unwanted trespassers.
Furthermore, many dog breeds are better raised and trained in pairs, most times regardless of sex and age. On one hand, livestock guardian dogs are true working dogs, although their first instinct is not necessarily to attack, but to bark viciously to scare the threat and strike an imposing posture to prevent them to get any closer. However, they do not limit their efforts to protect their livestock in case the first options don’t come out as planned, confronting coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, snakes, bears, or any human being who refuses to leave its territory.
On the other hand, herd dogs are more likely to bond with its keeper than with the barnyard livestock, a feature that makes them excellent helpers to move the livestock from one place to another, following loyally their masters’ command. They can also fight threats without hesitation, moving at top speed when they sense danger, but resting profoundly when they are off duty. Whichever your preferences are, there are plenty of options for all types of intents. Here is our list to help you find the perfect match:

5 Type Of Backyard Underground Bunker You Should Build | Doomsday Preppers

Do you have an underground bunker in your backyard? If you haven’t build one yet, this video will help to you to choose 1 of the 5 best underground bunker to survive the coming doomsday. For several decades’ prepping for a doomsday event has been a necessity for most people. This is very critical especially at these times when the future of humanity is uncertain in many ways. We have pandemics, social unrest and chaos all over and this means that we are living at very unpredictable times. For the older people, the events of the cold war are still fresh in their minds and the threat of a nuclear annihilation is still a big concern to them. When you mention a doomsday bunker, most people always imagine of a concrete underground room that has been filled with canned goods, bottles of water and other survival gear. The threat of a global annihilation in our days feels more real than even during the cold war. However, today’s high security shelters are not much different from their 20th century counterparts.

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30 Survival Food That Will Last For Decades In The Post-Apocalyptic World

In this video we will learn what is the top 30 survival food that will last for decades if economic collapse happens:

Storing survival food for extended periods of time is not always something the average consumers consider to do. We are normally used to take a trip to the supermaket to get what we want, whenever we want it. But prepping for extreme situations, such as economic collapse that may lead us to food shortages can save our lives.

Survivalists, homesteaders, permaculturists and preppers understand how important a long-term food storage is and they afirm storing food can be simpler than it sounds.
First things first, you’ll need a food storage area that must be clean and far away from the heat and the sun. You’ll also need proper food containers, such as glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles, ziplock bags, tupperwares and you can also use devices to control the amount of oxygen inside the packaging or to remove it completely, such as vaccuum sealers and oxygen absorbers.
You have to be aware that bacteria grows inside the water contained in food and the oxygen is what allows it lo live, so when we remove these elements and seal our containers correctly we can create foods that will last for decades in your stockpile.

In this list, we gathered to you 30 foods that are commonly known for being long lasting when correctly preserved. Thank you for sharing this video with your friends.

50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy Before SHTF | Doomsday Preppers

In this video we will show you 50 survival items you forgot to buy:

I think you already know the most important survival things like food, water, first aid kit etc. but if economic collapse happens you will need much more staff for you and your family survival. These 50 item that you may forgotten to buy could save your life or make it much more comfortable when the next Great Depression will arrive.

Global Currency Reset! The Devaluation Of The Dollar Is Happening & Will Lead To Economic Collapse

In this video, we are going to discuss the economic indicators that show the true extent of the collapse we are already experiencing, and the fragility of the system that is propping up any semblance of normalcy we have left. We will show you what the experts are saying about where to put your money, and why precious metals may be one of the only safe options remaining.

Alert They’re Sending 1000s Of Heavily Armed Soldiers For Martial Law 2020 Economic Collapse

In this video, we are going to take a look into how the United States got to this point, the catalysts behind the protests now being publicized around the world, and the ways in which these cases of civil unrest point to the coming martial law in America. While Americans seem to be reacting to a particular topic and particular event, what we are really seeing is an overall expression of anger and frustration with the country at large. A new great depression, catastrophic job loss, extended stay at home orders, and widespread financial instability are just a few of the major issues now facing US citizens.

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