Will the housing market crash happen in 2020?

While some people believe the health crisis will soon disappear, others can be overly anxious about how long it’s still going to last and how deep the consequences of this outburst could hit them.

A number of Americans are already feeling a hint of the weight of this economic collapse on their backs. And in this video, we’re going to asset the imminent real estate crash that is concerning many of them. The stock market crash has made investors and home buyers discouraged and wondering if the housing market isn’t the next piece in this domino-effect-fall.

As stated by a survey done in April by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of their members affirmed the current outbreak has considerably decreased home buyer interest. More than half of the clients decided to postpone their purchase until the situation calms down a bit more and two-thirds of them are expecting lower prices.

In this video we will show you 10 warning signs that can help you predict an incoming housing crash. Using this list as a base and adding guidance from the data we collected from renowned web portals such as Investopedia, Ratehub and PR Newswire, we are going to explain how every one of these aspects can contribute to a collapse in this market on a greater to a lower extent.

With this list we can see from many different angles the possibility of a housing market crash sometime soon. All the conditions seem to be adding up to an eruption on many fronts. There is another outburst about to form.

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