Many people are still optimistic about a recovery for the US economy, if you know anyone like that, you should probably show them this video. Today, we have gathered 15 facts to prove that the US is undeniably on the path for an unprecedented economic collapse.

On our previous video, we discussed the fact that much of the positivity around the projections of an economic upturn is related to stock market investors wanting to keep their profits high, which means, it’s related to Wall Street delusional prospects while Main Street – the real economy – has never seen worse days. In any case, these projections aren’t sustainable, and if you missed that video, maybe you should check it out too.
The real situation is that since the sanitary outbreak has landed in American soil, over 100,000 businesses were permanently shut down, leaving tens of millions of Americans unemployed. Behind these numbers, we have a soul-crushing amount of dreams, goals, plans, and projects that were completely smashed, with several small business owners watching their life-long investments going down the drain, while countless families are totally unassisted and barely affording their basic needs, let alone rent or mortgages, and risking to lose their homes.

While the 1% wants to keep the fake front that everything is going to be just fine, to keep profiting from the mess they created, the events of 2020 are destroying real lives and making it hard to foresee what is going to be the next strike. In this context, we selected 15 facts to show you the reality, what is really going on, to prove to you that the US economy is set up to fail and an economic collapse is unavoidable at this stage.

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