We are about to have another round of lockdowns amid what many have already pointed out as a “very, very dark winter”. Hospitals are crowded, people are afraid and the state of our economy is oscillating between being very bad and rolling to the edge of a cliff. So far, national and global leaders’ response to the crisis doesn’t appear to have effectively helped to control the number of cases.
In fact, we presented studies before showing that in countries where strict measures to bend the curb were adopted as opposed to countries that opted for more flexible measures similar rates in the number of cases, recoveries and casualties were observed. The idea of lockdowns might seem like a viable solution to protect people from contagion, but its effectiveness is being questioned by scientists and data analysts.
The side effects of widespread lockdowns only add to people’s suffering. It all starts with the massive spread of fear. The mainstream media takes advantage of every possible loophole to explore this narrative and manipulate people to overreact to this situation. In this video, Epic Economist is going to do an epic analysis. We want to disclose how the effects of the crisis are driving millions to complete desperation – and yes, there is a very obscure reason behind it.
The elites continue to feed this catastrophe in order to make many of us hit our breaking points. Soon enough, millions will be unemployed, helpless, hungry, and homeless – in a state of complete despair. It is only when people have no more prospects that the real intentions of all marionettes of the establishment emerge and find the perfect cue to infiltrate our lives.
It’s just sad to assume that all of this destruction is being caused in the name of money and power. They say all they want is to control the propagation of the virus. But why not do that through the use of efficient health safety instructions to workers? Is it just easier to shut down everything and lock everyone up?
We have experienced the harsh collateral damages brought by business shutdowns before. In every wave of shutdowns, business activity is suddenly frozen, how are small business owners supposed to find ways to have enough revenue to pay for their staff, their rent, their operational costs? If it wasn’t clear before, now it’s pretty evident that this is the ultimate opportunity for big conglomerates to watch small business meltdown, and go bankrupt so that they can swallow them up while also annihilating the competition.
The ones who absorb the impact of this chaotic freefall are us. 70 million unemployment claims were filed this year. According to Feeding America, 54 million people could go hungry by early next year. Food banks have witnessed a historic spike in demand. For every adult facing hunger, there are 4 food-insecure children.
On the other hand, with the memory of food shortages still fresh on their minds and moved by the anxiety of further supply chain disruptions, some have been wiping out store shelves in a phenomenon whose name couldn’t be more appropriate – panic purchasing. Largely benefiting from this sudden hoarding behavior, major food retailers are readjusting prices for the growing demand. Knowing that they can soar prices by holding back inventory for a while, why wouldn’t they do it?
In any case, these are the people who somehow can still afford food. At this stage of the crisis, millions can’t. If they can’t pay for their own food, how are they supposed to afford rent? With the expiration of federal assistance, those people have no source of income, thereby, in deep food and housing insecurity. 40 million are on the brink of eviction.
They say we must stay at home, but at the same time, millions can lose their homes and no one is doing anything about it. Do you see the ambiguousness? This alarming economic suffering is a weapon on deviant hands. As Michael Snyder said “this is going to perfectly set the stage for the “solutions” that the elite plan to offer all of us in 2021. And once this “dark winter” finally ends, almost everybody will be absolutely desperate to return to their “normal” lives.” So if you’re wondering where this tortuous road will take us, maybe you should check one of our previous Great Reset videos, which expose the elite’s dystopian quest for infinite money, and how they are willing to push us over the edge to get what they want. When we say things are about to get worse, it’s because by now we can see that this is just the beginning.

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