In this video, we are going to show you the proof that the dollar is already on its way out, and run through the likely order of events that will unfold in the process.

Goldman Sachs recently made some bold claims that fly in the face of mounting evidence of an economic collapse. According to the chief investment officer of the firm’s private wealth management department, gold has no businesses being part of high income clients’ portfolios.

The statement came at a time when gold prices had climbed more than $100 in a single week, achieving record highs near $2000. Further adding to the confusion, another division of the company warned previously that clients should hold onto their gold.

The CIO added that gold is only a wise investment if one is expecting the US dollar to collapse, a view that Goldman Sachs does not hold.

In this century, the US dollar has lost 85 percent against gold. A staggering 40 percent of that loss occurred in the last 2 years alone. Taking history into account, it is clear that the announcements emerging from Goldman Sachs are far from the truth. Anyone who has been following the economic downfall of the US can plainly see that deficits are skyrocketing and unrestrained money printing is driving the country into deeper and deeper trouble. Watching the United States’ financial systems unravel in front of us, it is nearly impossible to ignore the dire crisis the national currency now faces.

Already, we can see paper money being phased out across the world. In China, the world’s most populous country, many transactions are processed through QR codes on cell phones. Meanwhile, Sweden is on track to become the first cashless society as early as 2023. Paper money is rarely used even for minor purchases.

When paper money falls out of use, governments and central banks gain a significant leg up on their populations. Without cash, bank runs cannot occur. As long as ATMs are switched off, consumers will have no way to pull out large portions of their savings. On the other side, these institutions can also freeze electronic transfers. That gives the federal government complete control of citizens’ money, with the ability to block accounts or apply fines at will.

Getting rid of paper money is a long running mission of the governments and central banks. After all, further contributing to the slump of the US currency is the disastrous Fed policy put in place throughout the current crisis.

The mass printing of new money has become deeply intertwined with the economic climate of the country. As the economic collapse worsens, the Fed prints more money. As the Fed prints more money, inflation builds. At the same time, the government is racking up tremendous loads of debt. This combination of factors will dramatically add to the supply of money in circulation around the country, and drive inflation into an uncontrollable upwards spiral.

The US Money Zero Maturity stock (MZM), which serves as the broadest measure of liquid money, sat at $4.3 trillion in 2000. Today, just 2 decades later, MZM has reached $21 trillion. Since March alone, in the space of less than 6 months, it has gained $4 trillion.

This indicates that significant sums of money are being pumped into the economy in the name of a faster recovery. However, the velocity of MZM has slowed to a crawl. That figure was around 3.5 during the recession of the early 1980s, a time when inflation was high and interest rates climbed to a whopping 20 percent. In 2020, the velocity is sitting at a record low of 0.9.

When all of this is said and done, gold will finally step in to play the part it should have held since the beginning. Both major precious metals–gold and silver–have ridden a bull market to an unprecedented upwards climb in recent weeks. Those levels will only continue to push higher, even as slight corrections scare off more wary investors.

In a world that has become dominated by fiat currencies, gold is the singular form of wealth that can hold onto its purchasing power. Those who want to be prepared for the worsening economic collapse ahead should remember to keep physical gold away from banks and in their own hands.

As we’ve seen, neither these institutions nor their currencies can be truly trusted.

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