They are not afraid to use their most troublesome cards to get what they want and enforce their power even further into our lives. Many economists have been opening the debate about whether it will take a massive food shortage for people to finally stand up to this tyranny, because, according to Mac Slavo in an article on SHTFplan’s website, they will not be afraid to use food as a weapon to keep the population trapped in this system, affirming that food shortages will come, and like the health-crisis-related panic, this is a well-crafted plan of control.

Slavo poses some questions, wondering if “is this what it’s going to take to get the rest of people to realize they’ve been controlled and enslaved by the very government who said they just want to keep them safe?” He goes on arguing that “safety has always been the rallying cry of tyrants and that is no different now. People all over the world are waking up to what the power-hungry elitists and politicians have done to us for decades, but many are still sleeping. Will it take these orchestrated food shortages to wake them up? Or will they continue down a path of slavery with no hope?”

Not only in America, but many other countries are reaching the conclusion that instead of the current pandemic, hunger is what is going to annihilate a substantial amount of the world’s population. The world had never faced a hunger emergency like this, and the number of people facing acute hunger could double to 265 million by the end of this year.
The scary disruption in the agricultural production and supply routes are already leaving millions worried across the globe. “Logistical problems in planting, harvesting and transporting food will leave poor countries exposed in the coming months, especially those reliant on imports,” said Johan Swinnen, director-general of the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington.
In places like India, the lockdown is basically an order for laborers to starve. There, the health crisis had sometimes been called an equalizer, because it has sickened both rich and poor citizens, but when it comes to food, the commonality ends. It is poor people, including large segments of poorer nations, who are now going hungry and facing the prospect of starvation.

Historically, every time the ones in power have pushed the boundaries too far, expecting to reach a new level of domination, the shot got backfired. When they gradually and silently push their agenda forward to spread their dominance over aspects most people don’t bother to hand over, they get the leverage they think it’s needed to rule us as compliant sheep. Until they get overly ambitious and tend to bite more than they can chew.
In addition to the evident social and economic implications, it is important to notice that typically, after times of forged food shortages, when the industry gets back on its feet, we end up eating less and less real food, and more food-like products.
In fact, their attempt to stop farmers production is to debase small producers while letting large food processing facilities with whole hegemony over the products, because with fewer products and larger demands, small farmers won’t be able to keep prices as low as big distribution centers will, and eventually, they will go out of business too.

There are many possibilities you can choose from and adapt to the space you have at your home. Using the advice of long-time preppers to try to help you to pass through these adversities with less trouble, we gathered some easy gestures you could make to prepare yourself by growing or preserving your own food.
First, you can make a small research to figure out what kind of vegetables or fruits you can easily grow in your own yard or balcony. There are many types of seeds you can find online, selecting your preferences and necessities. Another tip is to learn about edible plants, since wild food is essentially free, and the more you pick it, the more it grows. There are many books that can help you to identify these plants and ways in which they can be used for medicinal purposes. Also, canning food can be a great option if you have a place where you can store it. Canned beans, fruits, vegetables, meats, soups, seasonings can last up to 6 months with proper care.
Even though we were left out by our leaders and we’re caught on a loop of constant exploitation and fear dissemination, there are still possibilities for us to find balance inside the chaos and to outsmart the ones who think that control us, by simply determining our own course in life, taking care and preparing ourselves by our own means. Literally taking the reins of our own lives.

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