Will Gold And Silver Replace The Dollar After The Economic Collapse?

The dollar based system had dominated the global trade for decades but with the current economic condition and the instability in the global financial system, questions are arising on whether the dollar will support this very changing monetary system. Many people feel that we are hiding to an economic collapse and in this video, we will look at some of the reasons why the dollar collapse will happen and a gold based system will take over the global trade and the whole monetary system. Before diving into this, lets first understand what is the collapse of the dollar means.

The dollar collapse will happen if the value of the US dollar plummets and those who will be holding dollar-based assets will have to sell them at a very low price. This includes foreign government and investors who own the U.S treasuries. Such a dollar collapse can happen if everyone is simultaneously selling dollar based assets and when no one is willing to buy, the price will fall further causing the whole market to panic. If such a crash occurs, the world will shift to assets that are dominated by anything else other than the dollar. Most likely, gold and silver will be the best alternative and this will usher in a new payment system that will be based on gold. This might not happen any time soon but based on the current trend, at one moment economic collapse will have to take place.

When it comes to gold and silver, most of us always think of them as a form of mere forms of investment. This is one of the best investment vehicles especially those who want to minimize volatility in their portfolio. This is because gold and silver are very stable and their prices will always remain high as they have remained valuable in the entire human civilization. Gold is also recession proof and even in an economic depression, it will still retain its value and this makes it the best hedge against inflation or a recession. Many people have forgotten that that these are very rare metals that can be used as a way of storing wealth or even as a means of trade. No wonder some investors call gold “god’s money” because even in the worst economic collapse, gold and silver will still retain a big percentage of their value. The price of gold and silver is going higher every single year as more investors and central banks continue buying these precious metals. In case a total economic collapse happens, theses precious metals will be the safe heavens.

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