The global elites are already lined up to seize the opportunity given by this critical juncture to launch The Great Global Currency Reset. While globalists attempt to defend that The New World Order will make the changes that have never been made inside the financial systems and into the social sphere, analysts have been trying to open the public’s eyes by showing that dubious intentions are laying behind this proposal.
The switch to digital currencies will give them exclusive mechanisms to monitor all users’ movements, enhancing even further the control enforced upon the population. In this video, we discuss how the invasive surveillance technologies required by The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution could lead us to a Technocracy and far away from freedom.
Against the backdrop of a global health emergency and a collateral economic collapse, a handful of global bureaucrats based in Davos, Switzerland is asking the world to embrace their view of a technocratic future. In June, the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab, said this was the perfect time for The Great Reset since right now there are many urgent reasons to justify reshaping all of society and the global economy.
The ideology behind the Great Reset is the very mechanism required for setting in motion The New Global Order, and it wouldn’t be possible to introduce such a bold plan without a global crisis, whether it was manufactured or solely the byproduct of unfortunate circumstances, one that would shock society to its core.
The health crisis is the perfect loophole for the global establishment to promote its plan upon a fragile and dissatisfied population that has been severely affected by the outbreak, leaving them more “susceptible” to give away their freedoms to the idea of greater centralized power and control. In short,
It would be configured as a modern “social contract”, designed to tie people to it through an electronic ID connected to people’s bank account and health records. In their platform, there will be a score called “social credit” in which individuals will be evaluated by their overall performance and tendencies, however, experts warn that very soon this score could dictate every facet of everyone’s lives.
It is nothing but a long-term plan to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance and artificial intelligence. In other words, The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be the new slogans for the old “New World Order” and directly connected to the trans-humanist movement.
Technocracy is an economic system based on resource allocation using computer technology mechanisms. In that way, it enables the automation of “social engineering” and social rule, therefore outpassing the predetermined governmental structures and removing the need for democratically elected leadership.
But the image that will be sold to the public will only emphasize dystopian promises for the future, in which the “kind, engaged, selfless” leaders of this world will bring us the Green New Deal to help us get back into harmony with nature while ensuring a universal income and canceling individual debt. The WEF will arise as an unpretentious helping hand that will come in through the IMF and “rescue” countries drowning in debt by distributing facilitated financial bailouts.
However, the cost of their help can only be paid with our personal freedom and liberty. In order to launch The Great Reset, the WEF would have to increase people’s trust in technology, more specifically, in “crisis-relevant tech,” which includes the development of a digital health passport and contact tracing that will perform under a new form of internet governance.
This pass would use blockchain technology to store encrypted data from individual blood tests, allowing users to prove that they have tested negative for the current infection. This would be a next-level surveillance system tied to our bio-electronic data, something that’s as sophisticated as it’s scary. These new technologies will soon give some corporations and governments the ability to hack human beings.
Tyranny emerges silently. You’ll only notice how far it has gone once it’s too late. Don’t be mistaken: the new normal is not starting now, we’re still in the process of the collapse. The new normal is when the Great Reset accomplishes its goal, reassembling the entire economy, social relations, and owning our lives as a piece of property. But yet, if you’re on the side of those who have chosen to see, then you still have a choice.

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