Alert They’re Sending 1000s Of Heavily Armed Soldiers For Martial Law 2020 Economic Collapse

In this video, we are going to take a look into how the United States got to this point, the catalysts behind the protests now being publicized around the world, and the ways in which these cases of civil unrest point to the coming martial law in America. While Americans seem to be reacting to a particular topic and particular event, what we are really seeing is an overall expression of anger and frustration with the country at large. A new great depression, catastrophic job loss, extended stay at home orders, and widespread financial instability are just a few of the major issues now facing US citizens.

When you look at it this way, it was really only a matter of time before displays of civil unrest and dissatisfaction reached the disturbing levels that they have in recent days. In fact, in the last week alone, protests have wracked 145 cities across the US, from Minneapolis to Washington D.C. to Los Angeles, and many places in between. In response, around 40 of these cities have put nightly curfews in place, ranging in start time from 6pm to 11pm, after which no citizen should be out on the streets.
So far, these curfews have been largely ineffective, often encouraging protestors to gather in large crowds after the restrictions have gone into place as an additional show of defiance.
Furthermore, the National Guard has been activated in 15 states, and approximately 4,100 people have been caught in connection to protest activity. On Sunday night, the events in Washington D.C., and particularly outside the White House, presented a security risk so extreme that President Donald Trump was escorted by members of his Secret Service. While Trump reportedly remained there only for an hour, the move indicates that the administration anticipated even further escalation of ongoing protests.
Despite these precautions and supposed strength in numbers, throughout Saturday and early Sunday, more than 60 Secret Service officers and other special agents were put in harm’s way, exposed to bricks, rocks, bottles, fireworks and other items thrown at them by the protestors.

Opponents of Trump worry that his strong language will only further anger protestors and lead to even more charged meetings between civilians and authorities. The president said he would unleash thousands of heavily-armed soldiers to put an end to the chaos, but is perhaps not considering the fact that military personnel have little or no training in civilian law enforcement. This pairing is setting the stage for disaster, as escalations on both sides could result in martial law.
With incompetent leadership and compounding unrest, the world will soon witness one crisis after the next as the downward spiral continues. The warning signs have been there for years, but no one has been paying attention. None of us should be surprised by the scale and severity of the movements we are now seeing, but should instead work to determine what becomes of them. Rather than a restructuring, however, the mighty United States seems to be completely coming apart at the seams, and the damage could very well be long-lasting. Those that hold the opposing view argue that destruction and stealing do little to drive home the point protestors really want to make, and that their message will get lost amidst the chaos they are creating.
Of course, it is important to remember that these alarming protests are also happening in conjunction with a this health crisis that is far from under control and a monumental economic collapse.

The United States has experienced all of these events in isolation before protests surrounding race issues in the 1960s, a health crisis in 1918 and the Great Depression and economic collapse of the 1930s. However, the country has never experienced all of this kind of tumult in the same moment. When all of these major stresses pile onto a system that was already showing cracks, it is primed for total economic disaster.

Time is running out for the United States, and we must shift from our present course if we wish to rebuild or even preserve our once great and powerful nation.

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