The US economy has been a debt driven economy for many years. At the moment we have a global economic collapse and the US economy has been hit very hard. This economic crisis is differentiating the real from the fake. Bubbles are popping up all over and this is leaving a very big hole in the economy. The stock market has crashed and other financial markets are plummeting. Companies are suspending their operations and in the process more than 6.6 million Americans have lost their jobs and this unemployment crisis will be much worse. This is the beginning of the biggest economic collapse in the history. This time things are bad to a point where the Federal Reserve has to bail out the entire economy. Many business are at the verge of a collapse and individuals too have lost their incomes. The Trump administration has already passed a stimulus bill to boost the economy and in the process the Federal Reserve will have to print trillions of dollars. This means that inflation will be the new reality in the United States and we are heading to a dollar collapse.

The US economy is on a big downturn at the moment and the financial markets look as if they are on a free fall. The stock market itself has already collapsed by more than 30 percent and Americans have lost trillions of dollars in the process. Disaster is also brewing in the bond and real estate markets and this is forcing the Federal Reserve to intervene so that they can stabilize the markets. For the first time in history the Federal Reserve has announced that they will be undertaking a unlimited quantitative easing program. This means that they will be buying unlimited amount of assets in the economy and billions of dollars will flow into every sector of the economy. To keep the market liquid, the FED is buying anything they can lay their hands on and in the process they are pumping trillions of dollars to the economy.
In every economy, inflation comes in when there is a lot of money circulating within the country. For many years, countries have managed to control inflation levels by closely regulating the amount of money circulating in the economy. At the moment the US economy if going through a big shrinkage and this economic meltdown can only be compared with the great depression. We have a historic level of economic disruption and it looks as if this will not end any time soon. Public health experts are warning that in this condition we cannot open up the economy because it will take at least 2 months for the rate of infection to slow down. This means that things will only get worse before it gets better. President Trump has extended the nationwide stay at home orders until the end of April and this means that the economy will remain closed for many weeks if not months. Many companies will have go bankrupt and many more people will lose their jobs in the coming weeks.
To coup up with this historic economic downturn, in less than two months the Federal Reserve has already pumped more than $5 trillion into the economy. This is just the beginning because more companies will have to be bailed out. Before this economic meltdown ends, experts are predicting that the FED will have injected more than $10 trillion into the economy. Economists are worried that this large scale printing of cash by the Federal Reserve will cause dollar collapse. The FED has been printing more money for many years and over time the dollar has been weakening. This time the FED is on steroids and they are creating more money without any limits and everyone is worried that this will cause the biggest devaluation of dollar in the history of America. This quantitative easing program has exceeded the limits; we have a new form of helicopter money and this is very dangerous to the economy. Very soon the value of the dollar might fall by 30-40 percent and as a result prices will increase by the same measure. If the FED does not take care in the way they are injecting cash to the economy, this will end up causing a hyperinflation. The world has already lost confidence with the dollar and if it loses value, everyone will dump the dollar and very soon people might come up with an alternative currency for international trade. Because of the Federal Reserve’s unlimited printing of money, the dollar is losing its credibility and this might be the final blow to the dollar. The US dollar is crashing just like the US economy.


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