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As we well know by now, by the time the Fed finally took action to intervein and stop the economic collapse , it was already too late. It isn’t in the Fed’s interest to really cease this crash, it’s actually exactly what they’re going for – they designed all the necessary conditions to create this bubble and their goal now is to make it seem that they had done all they could to save the economy while they’re still plotting the final stroke on the bubble collapse: to hit the US dollar and its status as a global reserve currency.

CEOs know that even though their companies may stumble during this health and economic crisis, they will still be well-assisted as individuals. Bankers, CEOs and government leaders can count on full certainty they are not going to be held accountable for the financial collapse that they had created and that is now coming for us. Same as in 2008 financial crisis, they’re going to get out from this situation completely untouched and their actions are going to be forgotten. It seems that the only way to get them would be if an engaged , well-educated, and enraged public to finally go after them and make them pay for what they did with torches and pitchforks – and this is closer to a dystopian movie plot than third world reality.

Stock market investors are expecting for today that the Weimar-style hyperinflation increases the stock prices to unprecedented heights in what some may call a “crack-up boom”. We’re still not there yet in terms of money creation, however, these levels of fiat printing are expected to happen until next year. Even though it is unlikely that this “boom” in stocks will happen again any time soon in the future, it did happen over the last few years and maybe now it will start to face its limitations.

By the end of this year, the dollar’s status as a global reserve is going to raise questions while the idea of a digital currency will be put out for public discussion. Eventually, the public’s choice will come down to bowing down to a new digital currency or to the beginning of the creation of local self-suficient economic systems. So it seems that the future doesn’t get any easier for any of us.

You could be wondering at this point: Are we ready for a digital currency? Does this mean it will become a world money? Will the dollar become a local currency? And the answer to all these questions is yes. The International Monetary Fund has been using Special Drawing Right (SDR) as a form of world money since 1969 and it is considered as a potential source of unlimited global liquidity. SDR includes a range of global currencies including, of course, the US dollar and the Chinese renminbi.

In May 2019, IMF Director Christine Lagarde had given a hint about the development of a digital currency, similar to the bitcoin, for the organization’s SDR mechanism to replace the existence of the present reserve currencies. Several publications had named it “IFMCoin “and they say it could potentially reinvigorate the SDR’s standing in the international finance system since the drop of its importance after the collapse of Brenton Woods agreement and the adoption of a floating exchange rate mechanism . This is due to the fact that a digital currency would replace the dollar as a reserve currency in international trade transactions.

A Word Economics Forum’s article entitled “A digital currency should be adopted as the world’s leading reserved currency” had revealed that “some – including former People’s Bank of China governor Zhou Xiaochuan and former Colombian finance minister José Antonio Ocampo – have since advocated following through on that plan.”

Central banks around the world are adding gold reserves at their strongest pace ever recorded. In 2018, it hit the highest demand for gold from central banks since 1971, and the amount of four trimesters in gold purchasing is the strongest ever on record. Keep it in mind that gold is a stable source of value, with thousands of years of trust among humans. Even JP Morgan is recommending its investors to lower their dollar reserves. They think that the dominance of the dollar as the world’s favorite global reserve currency reached a countdown. It is smart to vary the reserves and prepare for what is coming next. It is only a matter of time before the devaluation of the dollar hits up to 80% and this can be a dead-end for our life long savings.

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