To say that life is uncertain right now would be an understatement. Everyone is holding their breaths, waiting to see what it’s coming in the next chapters of the economic collapse, and wondering how long do we have before total chaos takes over.

The economic disaster will be bigger and more complex than the 1930’s Great Depression, with several critical factors that may leave many of us completely unassisted. Millions of families are already suffering around the globe, not even being sure about the next meal or if it will be possible to pay for rent for one more week. The threat of homelessness and starvation has never been more real, and as debt rates are higher and higher and so is unemployment every week. 
Even though some sectors of the economy are reopening, experts have been discussing that re-hires might not last long, since a second surge of the virus is expected and it will affect the labor market directly yet again. We cannot count on our leaders and even less on the financial markets to solve anything. For that reason, today, we decided to gather some helpful tips and valuable lessons we can learn with those who survived the Great Depression. In that way, you can prepare yourself in advance and save your family from the forthcoming turbulence.Stay tuned with us and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you’d like to support our community. So here are 16 Things You Can Do To Survive The Imminent Economic Collapse.

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