As soon as we are born, society gives us a script to tell us how we should be, how we should behave, what we like and dislike, what we should accomplish, what should be our goals and how we are supposed to manage our lives. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are connected to the matrix and too afraid to pull the plug. Most people feel they can’t quit their jobs and start over somewhere else because they have bills to cover every month, they have enormous amounts of debt they owe to giant corporate financial institutions. In essence, debt handcuffs us to the system.
We’re told we must dedicate our entire lives to work, and starting living when we retire. We pass our lives pouring money into corporate securities in the rigged game that we call “the stock market”, but the financial system isn’t as indestructible as it seems to be. And what happens when our economy and the markets start to crumble? What are we supposed to do? Should we just accept we are doomed to go down with them? The answer is a big fat NO. There is life to be lived outside the molds that are presented to us. Things don’t have to go that way. You can set yourself free and live a life that is worth living. In this video, we decided to bring the example of some brave risk-takers that decided to live off the grid and started to find joy and fulfillment away from the chaos of modern society. So stay with us, don’t forget to share and leave a thumbs up in this video, and subscribe to our channel, and turn on the bell to keep updated with our latest notifications.
“If the Great Recession was a crack in the system, [the health crisis] and climate change will be the chasm,” said Bob Wells, the nomad who plays himself in the film Nomadland, an early Oscar contender starring Frances McDormand, is helping people to adopt the nomad way of life and change their perspectives about the world. Today, Wells lives exclusively on public lands in his GMC Savana equipped with 400 watts of solar power and a 12-volt refrigerator. He will never have to make a mortgage payment or pay rent ever again. Now his life goal is to teach people how they can practice nomadic tribalism living in a car, van, or RV, and, in that way, they can save themselves from homelessness and began living more sustainably.
For some, living in a van isn’t a practical choice, especially for families with kids and for those who need more space in order to have a comfortable experience. But there are several options one can choose to start rearranging their lifestyles. In essence, living off-grid is more about your mindset than about social rules and conventions. That’s what a British couple named Matthew and Charis Watkinson defends. In an interview, the Essex vets disclosed they gave up the rat race to find a good life in the Welsh countryside after they came across and fully embraced a philosophy known as “collapsology”. In short, the movement is based around the consideration that society as we know it could entirely collapse. But as opposed to doomsday preppers, rather than lonely bunkering down in a deserted nuclear facility and preparing to fight the storm alone, the movement envisions to save society as a society – introducing rural, communal lifestyles while also welcoming communication with the wider world.
If the current collapse starts to quickly accelerate, they are ready. Besides, they don’t have to get up every morning and drag themselves to corporate jobs that suck the life out of them. Matthew and Charis might have a simple lifestyle, but they are just overjoyed to be free from the chains of the system. “We’ve built a farm for a lot less than £100,000 and it’s all ours. We don’t owe anybody any money and we don’t have any bills – why aren’t more people doing this?” they questioned. That’s exactly it: why aren’t more people doing this? We just like to remind you that there are options, there are alternatives and there’s much more life to live outside what we call “civilization”. People are finally waking up to that fact and getting free from the system, and you can do it too.

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