Fear always plays as a protagonist in times of economic collapse. It can be used as a tool to unite or divide groups, to build or destroy a narrative, and most importantly, to maneuver information in order to control the public’s reaction. Through the years, there has been a lot of discussion about the media’s role when it comes to adding pressure in public figures and interfering on the financial market, but that debate has never been as complex as it is today, considering everything that has been going on on the world right now.

There isn’t a single moment of the day that the mainstream media isn’t speculating about the health crisis’ consequences, whether it’s regarding the economic downturn or the effects on people’s lives. It has been constantly displaying horrifying projections, updating almost promptly the numbers of new cases and fatal victims, adding pressure into the political bubble, and make no mistake – that is not out of worry or concern about the situation. It left us wondering what this propaganda mechanism owned by the elites is hoping to achieve by demoralizing the politicians they have elected themselves?
The answer is not as simple, although it can be simplified: to make us sink in panic, so they can get what they want behind the curtains. By now, it is clear that a second stock market crash will come, and even though a lot of blood, sweat, and tears will be shed along the way, ultimately, the unprecedented level of printed money that has been created to “save” the economy will only make the 1% richer, as the rest of the world’s collapses.
That’s where the media’s contribution comes in, as a catalyst to speed up this process of disruption in this set-up crash. It interferes directly in the economy and it uses the public’s reaction as a thermometer to know which measures to support and which measures to condemn, especially when it comes to political figure’s behaviors. To prove this view, just analyze how the media’s actions helped to produce a spike in infection cases by fueling controversial discourses. First, it forced people to make rushed fear-driven purchases, leaving the markets empty so it could manufacture the shortage nonsense we all know it is fake, since farmers were literally being obligated to throw away their products to create the alleged scarcity.
Then, the media disregarded the contagiousness of the disease, and sustained that if the economy wasn’t reopened by the end of April, major economic collapse would follow. So many workers were back into their job posts before effective safety measures were issued, causing – of course – more contagion. After realizing the numbers of cases wouldn’t stop growing and people were getting increasingly upset, they started to shame every figure that did not respect social distancing and sanitary rules, massacring their bad examples all over social media.

On top of that, New York is dealing with a much larger financial impact than most observers had anticipated. The city is now facing a nine billion dollar reduction in tax revenue, and Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city is considering 22,000 layoffs and furloughs among its 326,000 employees to cut $1 billion of expenses after lockdown-related revenue losses. Sadly, it is expected that many more government workers will be dismissed across the country before this crisis is over.

That is to say, with all the misinformation, data manipulation and panic-induced reactions, the media created a chaos where people – out of there jobs and scared about the alarming statistics – are more vulnerable than ever. The Main Street is crumbling, businesses keep falling apart and the Fed keeps injecting liquidity to ease the impacts of the inevitable crash, as the elites watch the set they staged performing just as expected. This new economic depression is completely fabricated, and as hospitals are overloaded with new insurgencies, don’t be astonished if in the next chapters of this dystopian tale the pharmaceutical corporations make a sudden appearance with a new magical cure or super exclusive vaccine that will only be available when things hit the desperation line. They don’t play fair. They never do.

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