In this video we will show you the 10 most important thing you should do if you lost your job during this economic crisis:

America is on the verge of an unprecedented economic collapse and that is no news. With over 40 million Americans filing for unemployment up until now, while many businesses are still filing for bankruptcy, the ones that are still standing are trying to delay what it seems to be their inevitable fate by downsizing some sectors of their companies and temporary laying off their staff, however, some insightful experts have been warning that an alarming number of these workers may not come back to their job posts ever again.

According to a survey done by the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics, approximately 42 percent of recent layoffs will result in permanent job loss. That is to say, in actual figures, 13 million workers that were temporarily discharged probably won’t make it back to the job market as soon as they predicted. In addition, the study shows that for every 10 jobs lost in consequence of the sanitary crisis, only three new ones are being created during this “reallocation shock.”
While the market tries to adjust to the new normal, the public is still suffering from the effects of supply chain disruptions and the frightening uncertainty of the future. On the other hand, most preppers managed their way out of the troubles caused by the recent shortages of cleaning products, meats and produce. By creating an efficient stockpile and articulating a well-based mindset, many preppers were able to find some structure during this economic collapse.
By contrast, not every one of them had the opportunity to prepare for the disaster as unsettling as the one we’re in with years in advance, especially the new preppers and the ones that couldn’t imagine they would lose their main source of income so abruptly.

With that in mind, we gathered 10 positive, easy, and of course, low-cost steps to assist you to get back on your feet and get adapted to this new reality.

5 Type Of Backyard Underground Bunker You Should Build | Doomsday Preppers

Do you have an underground bunker in your backyard? If you haven’t build one yet, this video will help to you to choose 1 of the 5 best underground bunker to survive the coming doomsday. For several decades’ prepping for a doomsday event has been a necessity for most people. This is very critical especially at these times when the future of humanity is uncertain in many ways. We have pandemics, social unrest and chaos all over and this means that we are living at very unpredictable times. For the older people, the events of the cold war are still fresh in their minds and the threat of a nuclear annihilation is still a big concern to them. When you mention a doomsday bunker, most people always imagine of a concrete underground room that has been filled with canned goods, bottles of water and other survival gear. The threat of a global annihilation in our days feels more real than even during the cold war. However, today’s high security shelters are not much different from their 20th century counterparts.

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50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy Before SHTF | Doomsday Preppers

In this video we will show you 50 survival items you forgot to buy:

I think you already know the most important survival things like food, water, first aid kit etc. but if economic collapse happens you will need much more staff for you and your family survival. These 50 item that you may forgotten to buy could save your life or make it much more comfortable when the next Great Depression will arrive.