The Looming $600 Trillion Derivative Crisis! Banks Have Been Trading Gold That Doesn’t Exist


The current situation has been taking a toll on financial institutions the world over. As the economy grounds to a halt, so do many of the daily transactions that keep money moving and ensure the balance of financial markets. As companies start massive layoff programs and furlough their employees, liquidity demand is rising to levels similar to those of long-forgotten bank rushes. In a bid to prevent widespread commercial bank failures and worldwide financial collapse, Central Banks are extending their liquidity facilities and slashing official interest rates. While this does help commercial banks with meeting their immediate needs for cash, it is nothing short of financial Armageddon for investment banks. However, because so many commercial and investment banks are intertwined, policy makers are faced with a situation where, no matter their decision, it will have a negative impact across the board. Whatever Central Banks do, or even if they do nothing at all, dire consequences will follow. In this scenario, their priority becomes damage control, as they try to choose the least harmful options in search of an appropriate balance. What would you do if you were a decision maker? Would you provide cash to hold off the collapse of commercial banks, or would you try to constrain money supply to save investment banks and financial markets?

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Stock Market Crash 2020 Will Be Worse Than The Great Depression !!

For the last two weeks the US stock market has been tanking all across the board. It looks as if a major stock market crash is upon the United States. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been swinging approximately for 1,000 points in multiple days within the last two weeks. The stock market traders have been panicking because the market has just turned out to be a rollercoaster that they have not seen for many years. The market has been very volatile with up to 4.5 percent movements in a day and all investors are unaware of what will happen next. There is a lot of panic as investors fear that the market will continue tanking because economic indicators are indicating that a big stock market crash will happen. The recent interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve has not done any good to the market.

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10 NEW Signs Of China Imminent Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH!

Will the Chinese economic collapse happen in 2020? China is the second largest economy in the world and in the last two decades, China has experienced a significant economic growth. However, the China has many problems like enormous debts, bank runs, an aging population and many others. The growth in China has been fuelled by debts and poor policies and this has created a hyper bubble that will burst with a china’s yuan crash. People are always asking when the economic collapse will happen in China. For the last several years, we have seen several Chinese banks being shut down. Banks like Baoshang, Jinzhou and other banks have been shut within a very short time. These are some of the cases of bank collapse in China and economists are predicting more similar cases in days to come.

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It Smells Like Panic! Government’s Bank Can’t Stop The Stock Market Crash !!

Ever since the last stock market crash, unprecedented intervention by the us Government’s Bank has helped the financial system relatively stable. No matter what happened the Fed always solved the problem but they created the biggest stock market bubble in U.S history. Now they facing with the biggest challenge and it looks like they can do nothing to avoid the next financial crisis. They try to solve the problem with the same old way that worked well in the past and on Tuesday they announced an emergency rate cut and instead of rising the stock market started to crash.

10 Lessons We Should Learn From Venezuela’s Economic Collapse

Sometimes back, taking a vacation to Venezuela was one of the best things one could do. It is a surprise that such a thriving nation which everyone desired to be associated with has been brought down to its knees within a very short span of time. The truth is if the wrong combination of economic events line up, even the greatest nation on earth can be brought down overnight leading to an economic collapse and chaos among the people.

By looking at the cascade of events that lead to the collapse of the once thriving Venezuelan government and economy, we can see the events that lead to the collapse and rectify our course before the same happens to our nation. Lessons from the collapse of Venezuela can make things easier for us when it comes to understanding the prevailing economic situation and how much time we have before we experience a similar disaster in the United States. 

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Alert $23 Trillion Dollar Government Debt Leading To Economic Collapse & Stock MARKET CRASH

It is official now, the United States national debt has hit the 23 trillion dollar milestone, that’s twenty-three with twelve zeros after.

That’s a pretty staggering figure — $23 trillion dollars in debt and climbing every second of every day. And in order to give you an idea, that is basically every taxpayer is in debt for $186.576 dollars. And if you were to break it down evenly across every citizen in the United States including those who don’t pay taxes, every United States citizen is $69.735 dollars in debt. And the debt to gross domestic product ratio is now a 106.6 percent. That is very significant; for that ratio to be over a hundred percent, it means that it’s above and beyond 100 percent would be an equal right to the gross domestic product, but it’s now above it by six-point six percent. Unfortunately, the economic collapse always arrives eventually, and our future is looking extremely bleak at the moment. And as the argument goes, the more the debt spirals out of control, the more you’re going to have inflation, the more you’re going to have undisciplined frivolous spending. So a lot of different people will have a lot of different opinions when it comes to this subject, the more and more this national debt figure climbs. And as you know, nobody’s really doing anything to curtail it,  not the FED, not the president, nobody.

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