The Top 15 Dog Breeds For Preppers

They say dogs are man’s best friends, and that is true for many reasons other than their loyal companionship and warming affection. In fact, in extreme situations, dogs can be very helpful if trained accordingly to their own instincts, improving their natural capacity in specific areas. In this video, we selected 15 different dog breeds that can be trained for multiple purposes, so you can take into consideration your personal preferences, your location’s needs, and, of course, the great qualities that make them such reliable companions.

There are thousands of dog breeds you can choose from, it all comes down for the scenarios you’re prepping for. Some of them can be great at detecting predators or human threats from miles away, others can be trustable shepherds for your livestock and also sharp trackers for kids, due to their perceptive traits and protective bonds.
As preppers are astute planners, it is also important to plan which activities you would like your dog to accomplish, considering their strengths and their limitations. Additionally, what types of animal creation you would like to have – or already do have – and how your dog has to be trained to interact with them in a safeguarding manner, to make sure they will live in harmony.
It is almost impossible to completely eliminate threats because, even though you harden your barnyard stalls, pens, coops, and hutches against homestead predators, they will still manage to find a way to get inside your property. But comparing to other dogs, guardian dogs can go a step beyond when it comes to the protection of the animals they grow up with or live with, running fiercely to chase, capture and even exterminate unwanted trespassers.
Furthermore, many dog breeds are better raised and trained in pairs, most times regardless of sex and age. On one hand, livestock guardian dogs are true working dogs, although their first instinct is not necessarily to attack, but to bark viciously to scare the threat and strike an imposing posture to prevent them to get any closer. However, they do not limit their efforts to protect their livestock in case the first options don’t come out as planned, confronting coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, snakes, bears, or any human being who refuses to leave its territory.
On the other hand, herd dogs are more likely to bond with its keeper than with the barnyard livestock, a feature that makes them excellent helpers to move the livestock from one place to another, following loyally their masters’ command. They can also fight threats without hesitation, moving at top speed when they sense danger, but resting profoundly when they are off duty. Whichever your preferences are, there are plenty of options for all types of intents. Here is our list to help you find the perfect match: