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The economic collapse comes this year – this is one of the statements that when it becomes the headline in the leading media channels. This is a serious statement especially at this time of the year considering that we are already experiencing the worst performance in the stock market over a decade ago. This is the period we have experienced the highest volatility in stock prices since the 1930s. We cannot also deny that we experienced the most unfavourable Christmas Eve in Wall Street.

The economic crash has not only been witnessed in the US alone. Many markets across the world started dwindling way before the US began to experience a financial crisis. Since then, a significant number of the most renown stock markets across the globe have felt the pinch of the bear market. Many countries are on the edge of economic collapse after the year 2018.

The current bear market which is estimated to be 20% of the recent market peak has adversely affected investors globally. In the US for instance, the Nasdaq Composite closed in a bear market last year. On the same issue, Japans Nikkei, China’s Shanghai Composite, and Germanys DAX are already experiencing the effects of the bear markets.
This is the biggest bear market that the word has experienced over a decade ago. If the relevant authorities and bodies such as the central banks do not put in place the appropriate measures to curb the situation, this stock market crash might become more prevalent this year than anyone could think.

To solidify the above information, just have a look at the mess the US has gotten itself into. The country has been adding trillions of dollars yearly to the national debt since the beginning of the last financial crisis. The national debt has almost doubled within a period of ten years. The fiscal period ended 25th December 2018 had the highest level of debts because more than 1.3 trillion dollars was added into the worrying national debt.

it’s quite possible that the future of America will be dull having gone through a bright past. If we do not take appropriate measure immediately to control the situation, I am sorry to say the future of America will be a devastating economic collapse. The economic state of our country is weakening day by day, and the chances of being swept by a massive crisis are enormous. Generally, pessimism is killing our country. Who knows, Mark Jolly might turn to be correct when he says that the worst is yet to happen this year.
Prepare for the imminent economic collapse and stock market crash as long as you can. The time is running out!

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