The United States is home to a number of very different social and economic classes, but if this economic collapse has shown anything, it’s that disasters can level the playing field in a second. However, one part of the population has not only escaped unscathed from the current crisis, but in fact consolidated even more of their wealth. The global elite. Regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs, it seems we can all agree that the global elite hold far too much influence over modern society.

While the average American battles it out for even the most basic of necessities, the global elite are riding out this economic collapse in style, safely cushioned by their billions. We struggle to buy groceries amidst food shortages and accumulate massive piles of debt when there is simply no income with which to pay the monthly rent bills. They are safe within the marble walls of their mansions.

Have you heard the old saying, “money is power?” Well, it’s true, and it’s now more evident than ever. The few that have been lucky enough to land at the top of the food chain control the reality that the rest of us live in, and there’s not much we can do to fight back. You may think that the global elite have the most power when it comes to swaying national governments towards one decision or another, but there are actually other areas where their domination is felt much more strongly.

Rather than shaping the way governments work, the elite actually utilize corporations as the means through which to control ordinary citizens. While this may seem strange at first, consider this. In modern times, many global corporations are larger and more influential than national governments. When you put all their authority together, the network of big businesses that stretches across the globe is far more formidable than any one national government on its own.

In fact, as early as 2011, experts had already spotted this dangerous trend. Nine years ago, scientists released a groundbreaking study that looked more deeply into the ties that held together major international corporations. They found that the global economy was primarily controlled by a network of 1,318 large scale companies.

The paper, titled “The capitalist network that runs the world,” also warned that only 147 of those businesses–whose ownership was held by other members of this 147 company-strong list–made up the dense and dominating core of the network. Furthermore, as the researchers dug even deeper into this supreme network, they found that those 147 companies, called a “super entity,” held control of 40 percent of the total network.

As you can see, the power of the global elite does not stop at influencing policy decisions and controlling markets. It infiltrates deep into our private and personal lives, even going so far as to strip some of our fundamental rights away. Unlike corrupt politicians, we cannot simply vote out corrupt corporations and replace them with ones whose values more closely align with ours.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t talk about societal takeover without discussing the Federal Reserve. The Fed has recently been making moves to consolidate efforts that began all the way back in 1913 when it was founded. Their goal then and now was to firmly establish a monetary system based on debt, and to do so, they will need to drive the US dollar into the ground.

We recently reported on the announcement by central bankers that the US is working towards a digital currency. Of course, this kind of currency can be tracked, traced, centralized, and completely controlled by the banking institutions on the top of the food chain. Once again, Americans will lose all their power to the elite.

Major institutions like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have warned their clients not to purchase precious metals like gold, because they know that if we were to revert back to a gold-backed monetary system, the central banks would no longer be able to pull the country’s strings.

All these institutions needed to start unveiling their plans was a massive global crisis, and now they’ve got one. As you must have noticed, the timeline heading towards the great reset has dramatically condensed since the beginning of this year as the economy began to spiral out of control and long existing cracks in the system were laid bare.

It’s a bleak picture of the United States’ future, but those that have recognized the reality and are preparing for the worst will at least be ahead of the curve, and have a greater chance at making it through these dire times.

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