Welcome to the Epic Economist channel! We are living in historical times, witnessing and analyzing the effects of the 21st-Century Great Depression. The next generation will remember our times as the foundations of the economic and societal change that started when many countries were radically shaken in face of a crisis with unprecedented developments and proportions. We created Epic Economist aiming to bring some edge to the often plain and boring economic news, stimulating our audience to raise questions and to read what’s been kept between the lines. To do so, we produce daily entertaining yet accurate videos, with a team of professionals working on our background. Giving our audience breath-taking aerial and timelapse videos, while presenting real and updated news with authentic data, charts and the outlooks of well-known economic experts. Also, showing where we stand amidst this narrative, to reassure them that despite of the outcome we can always prepare ourselves in advance. We want to provide an alternative perspective from what you can find in traditional medias, developing intriguing discussions according to what renowned strategists have been discussing, and also trying our best to make our content accessible and dynamic so everyone can understand our message. Why don’t you join us in our journey to see reality with a sharper perspective and understand what the future holds for us?

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